Co-extruded Polystyrene Foam

Co-extruded, shrinkable polystyrene foam used as facestock for food and beverage labels providing insulating (hot and cold) properties, cushioning for glass bottles and tamper evident applications.

Plasti-Shield® Insulating Labels are a proprietary co-extruded, shrinkable polystyrene foam which provide insulation for food and beverage containers that require hot or cold content and cushioning for glass bottles. The main attributes of Plasti-Shield® can be summarised as follows:

  • Unique thermal properties and superior shrinkage compared to Shrinkage of OPP –ROSO labels.
  • Insulating properties for microwave ready to eat products. Protects fingers from burning and helps food retain heat.
  • The same insulating properties keep beer kegs, cans and bottles colder for longer when removed from the fridge.
  • Major reduction of noise and breakages when used for non returnable bottles (NRB).
  • Additional protection to glass bottles enables the use of lighter more economical non returnable bottles (NRB).
  • Offers protection to glass bottles during transportation, eliminating the need for cardboard dividers.
  • Increased shrinkage offers excellent promotional opportunities.

We also offer a grade of co-extruded polystyrene foam for use as face-stock in the manufacture of tamper evident labelling. The benefits of this grade can be summarised as follows:

  • Conversion into shaped labels.
  • Will break at any attempt at removal.
  • Renders it impossible to reseal once broken.
  • Excellent printability – UV letterpress, flexographic printing or offset

We supply the Plasti-Shield® and tamper evident co-extruded polystyrene grades on jumbo rolls to end users who will then print and convert for labelling and tamper evident applications. Roll size and weight will depend on your requirements and our flexibility means that you will be satisfied with the options that we can offer. Whilst we do not provide printed labels ourselves, we do work with a select number of partner printers with whom we will put you in contact on receipt of your enquiries.